Herbal Essences has stagnated within the shampoo category. How can we differentiate them from the rest of the oversaturated shampoo market?


Herbal Essences can capitalize on all of their different scents and the bright colors that they use for their packaging. Herbal Essences is a fun, unique brand, and they can lean on this to stand out on the shampoo shelf.


We can create a look and voice for Herbal Essences that resonates with the users of the brand. By identifying the main user and why they choose Herbal Essences we re-designed and re-wrote Herbal Essences brand message.


"The Fearless"

Someone who embraces who they are, and who they want to become. They look for product that allow them to experiment, personalize, and that inspire them.

New Package Design

An 8 FL OZ bottle that is stackable to be able to fit better in smaller showers. The smaller size allows the user to experiment with different scents, as well as, to customize the ratio of shampoo to conditioner. The wide cylindrical shape also allows for more labeling space to be able to put larger artwork and more text onto the bottle. 

An interesting insight
Through our research we found out that people don't use their shampoo and conditioner at the same rate.

Herbal Essences New Labels : White | Shampoo ; Black | Conditioner

New, whimsical illustrations to reflect the individual personalities of each scent.

A New Scent


Honey, Freesia, and Black Tea. A new scent for Herbal Essences to introduce the new packaging design.

Wild & Freesia has a warm, buttery sweet scent. The aroma is relaxing and the ingredient honey is known to be very beneficial for the scalp.

Herbal Scent Revolution

WILD & FREESIA will not be the only new scent. For Herbal Essences to own this part of the market, they will have to keep innovating.

Inspiring in the Shower

A story on every bottle. Each bottle has a story, poem, etc. written by a female author or having a female lead character. The user of Herbal Essence can become inspired in the shower and Herbal Essences can help ignite their imagination.

Shampoo with Personality

Just like how each scent is unique, each story will be too. Each story represents the scents voice and personality.

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