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The thoughts you have
are important.

From thinking the idea, to making the idea. Write the idea exactly the way you want to write it. With customizable pen, paper, sticky notes, notebooks, notebook covers, Adobe Note is a merge of everything thats good about stationery with all the capabilities of technology.

Project Concept

Right now we are between two worlds, the digital and the analog. Adobe Note is a project that explores an analog experience through digital design.


Taking notes and concepting on a digital device is nothing like taking notes and concepting in a physical notebook.


Technology is becoming more analog. With the advent of tablets becoming more popular, more people are looking to replace analog notebooks with digital devices.


Create an application for the ipad pro that draws from analog stationery design, and allows the user to fully customize their experience.

Main Features

CUSTOM TOUCH GESTURES: Create custom gesture commands that are natural to the way you work.
Choose notebook template that mimics the actual size of analog notebooks.
An endless template.
Customizable paper size.
Customizable brushes allow user to choose their favorite kind of pen & adjust it to fit exactly to their preferences.
Choose any paper style that you like working with the most, or customize your own.
Make shapes while using graphing/ and other graph like paper. Shapes will snap onto the graph to scale.
Add sticky notes to your notebooks. Sticky notes act separately from notebooks, & can be moved from notebook to notebook/shared into another document.


Unique Features

Style Guide

Adobe Note stays consistent with other adobe products by keeping to the existing style guide for Adobe mobile applications.

Style Guide


Business Case

The Creative Cloud | How does adobe note fits in?

Adobe Note is a concepting software where the ideas begin and then can be shared within the Adobe Creative Suite, Google Drive, Slack, etc.

As creativity becomes more collaborative Adobe can be at the forefront of design collaboration with Adobe Note. Adobe Note makes collaborating on projects easy by keeping the process all in one software system.

Brand Partnership Opportunities | Stationery Partners

By partnering with stationery companies, Adobe can create a library of notebooks and pens that look like the real thing. This will allow the user to have their digital notebooks reflect the analog notebooks they enjoy using, and Adobe to gain an analog presence.

Companies that partner with Adobe can sell content like notebook cover designs, and custom pen settings through the application. This allows the stationery companies to gain a unique digital presence, and by using adobe's software capabilities they can have the best representations of themselves in tech.


The "Analog Technologist"

A person who enjoys working in both analog and digital mediums. They have a passion for technology, but like to start their creative process with the good ol' fashion pen and paper process.

The "Analog Technologist" switches easily between these two mediums.


User Journeys

Analog Documentation


Handwriting notes, especially in cursive, showcased an increase in brain activity that was not present when typing notes. By writing information down by hand, we actually ingrain it better into our minds and are most likely to remember it.

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