Project Concept

Exploring symbolism in culture and how to incorporate them into the design of disposable products. 


We live in a world where everything is disposable, I wanted to create a product that can be repurposed once the original function is lost or has been replaced with a new product.


To explore my Greek culture and Cinema 4D skills. I love package design, and this project gave me the chance to explore the design process of makeup brushes.

My Role & Applications Used

I researched and designed three brushes based off of the Greek Pantheon. The applications I used during the creation process were Cinema 4d and Adobe Illustrator.

Athena's Brush Design

Apollo's Brush Design

Artemi's Brush Design

Brush Design Diagrams

All of the brushes are made of three components: the ornament, the handle, and the brush head. The ornament is made to be able to detach from the handle and become a small trinket. The brush head is replaceable with new brush heads once the old brush head becomes too old to use.

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