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My Role:

Ideation & Concepting, Strategy, Speech Grammar Check, and Product Design (3D modeling of the wearable)

Strategy . Mobile Application . Speech Grammar Check . Physical Product Extension




People are more scared of giving a presentation or speech than they are of dying.


Using technology to break the barrier in a person's mind that stops them from practicing for presentations.


Give them the tools they need to make it easier and more comfortable to practice their presentation.

We do not speak the way we write, so why should we write our speeches when we could just speak them? LEXICON is a dictation app for smart devices where the user can write their speech in the most intuitive way, by speaking it aloud.


User Journey


Mobile Application

Lexicon UX/UI - scroll for more.
Home Screen : Dictate your presentation, report, or whatever you want right from the home page, just press the red record button.
VIDEO SCREEN: Video record your practices, this helps with pinpointing body mannerisms used while presenting.
Speech Correction : Grammar check for speech, showcases filler words, pitch, and hesitations.
Notepad : This is where the dictated recordings get saved. Edit your practices, or write down notes while you are practicing.

Style Guide

The name Lexicon comes from the greek word λεξικόν, which means "of or for words". Our app Lexicon is meant to help users become more comfortable presenting with their own language, vocabulary, and knowledge.

We chose the butterfly as our logo, because we all get butterflies in our stomach when we are nervous, Lexicon helps you set those butterflies free.



Syntax for the Spoken Word

Spoken grammar is different from written grammar.
A person's pitch, filler words, and hesitations influence the way a listener interprets what they are saying.

A New Grammar Check

One of the reasons why we are encouraged to practice presentations is because by practicing we can better refine what we want to say.
Lexicon gives a visual representation of this instinctual knowledge and allows the user to better understand their presentation style and edit their speeches accordingly.



Release the Butterflies

Creating an even less awkward way to dictate to your phone. A bluetooth wearable microphone that pins to the users shirt. It is paired with the Lexicon app to make dictating on your phone easier and less awkward.

The Benefits of the Wearable

1. Handsfree : Body-language while presenting is important.
2. Video record : Set your phone somewhere to better record yourself while you're practicing.
3. Better Engagement : Less checking your phone while talking and more just speaking your thoughts.

3d Model

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